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Introducing MR PXL.

 the Hzrd clothing flagship product, which uses our intelligent generated pattern technology (IGPT).

This design was inspired by a throwback to retro gaming, I wanted to create a system that would give each and every new customer a unique gift at the same time as keeping the design and overall concept similar to simple coding from the past, so I have developed a program that gives a different pattern to every customer, the chance of the same customer getting the same T-shirt twice would be 1 out of 13,608,507,434,599,520,000,000.


We have collaborated with our manufacturer in Italy to produce this T-shirt with excellent craftsmanship using some of the finest Pima cottons in the world.


With our new exclusive polymer-based material we have created a raised and chunky logo that reflects the memory and ergonomics of old game consoles and shapes that come to mind when you think retro gaming. The IGPT pixels are printed using a premium high-quality vinyl with a gloss finish.


SKU: 0002
  • The fiber is of the highest quality, incredibly soft, and breathable. it is characterized by excellent elasticity, yet contains no spandex. The structure of the fabric guarantees excellent resistance to washing. Simple and comfortable T-shirt, ideal for any occasion

    Fitted shape

    100% cotton 

    Designed in the UK 

    Made in Italy

    Washing instructions: Machine wash cold, do not tumble dry. 

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